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Welcome to SMYO's home on the web!

SMYO Serving the Youth of Charles County since 1971 - 49 Years Strong!!!

Home of SMYO Little League Baseball, Softball, Soccer, and CHEER Elite. 

We offer a Family Environment; Safe, Friendly and Fun for all.  Families with multiple sporting interest find SMYO the most accommodating organization in this area with programs in Baseball, Softball, Soccer, and Cheer.  Younger age groups ALL play at SMYO.

Meetings are 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month starting at 6:30pm. During the Spring and Fall sports seasons, meetings are held on the Saturday following the 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 4:30pm.

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SMYO is a proud partner of the Southern Maryland Athletic Alliance


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Proudly Partnering with Southern Maryland Rush

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Spring 2020 Registration!!


Registration Fee for Little League Baseball, Little League Softball, & Soccer - $125 

Visit www.smyo.org!!

Any program related questions - for SOCCER smyosoccer@gmail.com or BASEBALL/SOFTBALL smyobaseball@gmail.com

If there are any issues with the registration program, please email smyopresident@gmail.com


Interested in COACHING Baseball, Softball, or Blastball - Please click the link and fill out the form -- LITTLE LEAGUE COACHING

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Park Rules

SMYO Facility Rules and Policies

The SMYO Board of Directors welcomes you to our facility and hope you enjoy your visit.  To keep our facility safe and a
fun place to play baseball, soccer, and flag football we have the following rules:


Pets of Any Kind

Tobacco Products (Smoking, Chewing, Dipping or Vaping)
Large Coolers
Grills On Property
Outside Food


We operate a fully functioning concessions, NO outside food, grills, and large coolers are permitted. 

For the safety of our members and guests, we do not allow PETS or BAREFEETIf there is a pet found at the facility, we will ask you to remove the Pet. We do not have areas available to kennel your Pet. Please leave them at home.

Shirts and shoes are required at all times. 

We offer a Smoking Area next to the dumpsters in the parking area.  THERE IS NO SMOKING WITHIN 100 FT OF THE ENTRANCES.

SMYO is a recycling facility and please place your plastic bottles and items in our conveniently marked recycle bins placed throughout the facility next to a trash can.

Safety is our top priority, please watch for foul balls around the baseball fields

Parents must supervise their children at the playground. Our Playground is a "Play at Your Own Risk" activity.  We are not responsible for injuries incurred on or around the Playground.

Remember, our wooded areas surrounding the fields have dangers such as snakes, ticks, poison oak and ivy. Please do not let your children play in these areas.

If you should need assistance or have an emergency, please go to the concessions or send another adult.

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Field Status
Bensville 1 - White Plains TBD (2/22) 
Bensville 2 - White Plains TBD (2/22) 
Bensville Park Field 5 - White Plains TBD (2/22) 
Bryantown - Waldorf TBD (2/22) 
Pisgah 1 - La Plata TBD (2/22) 
Pisgah 2 - La Plata TBD (2/22) 
Pomonkey 1 - Indian Head TBD (2/22) 
Pomonkey 2 - Indian Head TBD (2/22) 
SMYO - Pomfret TBD (2/22) 
SMYO 1 - Pomfret TBD (2/22) 
SMYO 2 - Pomfret TBD (2/22) 
SMYO 4 - Pomfret TBD (2/22) 
SMYO Batting Cage 1 - Pomfret TBD (2/22) 
SMYO Batting Cage 2 - Pomfret TBD (2/22) 
SMYO Batting Cage 3 - Pomfret TBD (2/22) 
SMYO Clubhouse - Pomfret TBD (2/22) 
SMYO Concessions - Pomfret TBD (2/22) 
SMYO Field 1 Right Field - Pomfret TBD (2/22) 
SMYO Field 1: 1st Base - Pomfret TBD (2/22) 
SMYO Field 1: 3rd Base - Pomfret TBD (2/22) 
SMYO Field 1: Left Field - Pomfret TBD (2/22) 
SMYO Lower Parking Lot - Pomfret TBD (2/22) 
SMYO Soccer PeeWee - Pomfret TBD (2/22) 
SMYO Soccer U7 1 - Pomfret TBD (2/22) 
SMYO Soccer U9/U12 1 - Pomfret TBD (2/22) 
SMYO Soccer U9/U12 2 - Pomfret TBD (2/22) 
Soccer-Bensville Park - White Plains TBD (2/22) 
Soccer-Craik Elementary - pomfret TBD (2/22) 
Soccer-Laurel Springs - La Plata TBD (2/22) 
Soccer-Pisgah Park - La Plata TBD (2/22) 
Soccer-Wade Elementary - Waldorf TBD (2/22) 
Soccer-White Plains - Waldorf TBD (2/22) 
Stethem #2 - Waldorf TBD (2/22) 
SMYO Recycles!

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