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SMYO Operating Policies and Procedures

The following policies and procedures have been adopted by SMYO Board of Directors:


1 - Coaching Travel and Recreational Teams - In the best interest of our Travel players, coaching are limited to coaching only the Travel Team they have committed their time. Travel Baseball requires full committed by the Coach to be available for multiple practices per week and full weekend tournaments - home or away. Although, SMYO appreciates coaches that are able to coach multiple teams, we feel that the Travel Program requires the full attention of the Head Coach. 


1 - Coaches Requests - We can not accept requests for specific coaches, teams, or practice nights.  Please consider coaching if you need to have specific nights and times for practices.  Volunteer coaches choose the practice nights and times that fit in their schedules.  If you have any questions, please select the Soccer > COACHING tab on the left.
2 - Player Age Groups -  Players will play in the age group according to their birth date.  If a player wants to move up to another age group, the Soccer Commissioners must evaluate the player during a game and practice.  The Soccer Commissioners will hold discussions with the coach and parents.
3 - Multiple County Teams - SMYO is part of the Southern Maryland Youth Soccer League (SMYSL) with 5 other soccer leagues. Players can not play on an SMYO soccer team as well as another Charles County recreational team within SMYSL.

4 - Late Registration - Players registering late will not be guaranteed placement on their prior team.

5 - Team Assignments - During the rostering process, the Soccer Commissioner attempts to place players on the same team as the last season. There are many factors to rostering players, this may not always be possible due to players aging up, coaches not coaching for that season, registration numbers are low.

SMYO Soccer Commissioner reserves the right to ensure that all teams have an even distribution of ages among the age groups and player gender.