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SMYO Cheer Elite

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q:  What are the age ranges for cheerleaders?

A:  SMYO Cheer Elite ranges from 5 to 18-year-old.

Q:  How long is the season?  The season begins in July and last until the end of April.

A:  Where will practice be held?  In the summer time practice will be held outside at the SMYO field.  Once the weather changes and it gets dark we will move indoors.  

Q:  What is included in the registration fee?  

A:  The fee includes a uniform (that you keep), practice t-shirt and shorts, tumbling lessons, and three competitions. 

Q:  What is level 1 cheerleading? 

A:  Level 1 cheerleading requires cartwheels, round-offs, forward and backward rolls, front and back walkovers, knee or waist level single leg stunt, prep level stunts, straight cradles, and no basket tosses.

Q:  What is level 2 cheerleading? 

A:  Level 2 cheerleading requires back handspring, front handspring, Level 1 tumbling connected to a handspring, prep level single leg stunts, extended two-footed stunts, half-twisting mounts, barrel rolls, begin basket tosses.

Q:  What is level 3.1 cheerleading?

A:  Level 3.1 cheerleading requires level one tumbling (see above) but level 3 stunting, which is Front Flip Twist, Single Leg Extended Stunts,  Full Twisting transition to Prep Level or Below, Full Twisting transition at Prep Level, ½ Up to Extended 1 leg stunt, Release Move to Prep or below, Level Appropriate Tic Toc style transitions, Inversion to Extended 1 leg stunt,  Downward Inversion below Prep Level, Straight Cradle from Extended 1 leg,  ¼ twisting dismount from Extended 1 leg stunt, Full twisting dismounts from Prep/Extension.  

Q:  What is the requirement to join the team?  

A:  There are no requirements.  Everyone is welcome.  Cheerleading is a learning sport.  Just bring a positive attitude and the coaching staff can teach the rest.

Q:  Are there try-outs?  

A:  Everyone makes the team but we will have placement try-outs.  Placement try-outs allow the cheerleader to be placed in a certain level of a cheer team. 

Q:  What additional attire will I need purchase?

A:  It is mandatory that you purchase all white cheer athletics tennis shoes (Infinity, Chasse, Nike).  Optional attire are cheer warm-ups and cheer jersey.  

Q:  Does my cheerleader need tumbling experience?

A:  No, tumbling skills are not required


Practice Questions

Q:  When will practice start? 

A:   Practice begins on 23 July.

Q:  Where will indoor practices be held?  

A:  Indoor practices will be held at schools located in La Plata and Waldorf.  More to come on exact locations.  

Q:  How long are practices? 

A:  Practices normally last for 2 hours.  For the younger ages, those times may be adjusted.

Q:  Are practices mostly held in the evening?  

A:  Yes, most practices are held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Q:  Will we practice outside?

A:  Yes, in the summer practice will be held outdoors at the SMYO field.

Q:  Are parents allowed at indoor practices?

A:  Parents allowed at indoor practices will be determined by the Principal’s at each indivdual school or location. 

Q:  What is the practice attire? 

A:   Cheerleaders can wear loose or spandex shorts, leggings, sweat pants, short sleeve shirts, no sleeveless shirts, no jewelry, no fake nails, and athletic shoes with shoelaces.


Competition Questions

Q:  Where are the competitions located? 

A:  Most competitions will be held in Maryland (Upper Marlboro and Bel Air).  If teams attend the Finale, there is a chance that the competition will be out of state (i.e. Poconos, PA, Tennessee, etc.).  

Q:  How many competitions will my cheerleader attend? 

A:  Three guaranteed competitions, with a possibility of attending more.

Q:  Is out-of-state travel involved?

A:   Yes.  Most competitions are held in Maryland; however, larger competitions may be held out of state (East Coast).  Parents are responsible for all travel expenses.