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Tournament Rules:

  • 4 players per team on the field (no goalkeepers); max roster of 6 players. Single gender age groups (coed teams will be placed in the boys division), 
  • Substitution on the fly
  • One 20 minute period (running clock with no timeouts)
  • Goals may only be scored from the offensive half of the field.
  • Players may not head the ball, result indirect free kick.
  • No offsides
  • No slide tackles when opponent has possession of ball – direct kick
  • One adult per team on the sideline
  • All players must wear shin guards 
  • Kick-ins from sidelines (indirect kick) - No throw-ins 
  • Goal kicks (indirect kick) may be taken anywhere on the end line. Corner kicks (indirect kick) may be taken anywhere on the end line.
  • Opponents at least 10 feet from ball on free kicks, kick-ins, goal kicks & corner kicks 
  • Direct Kick Fouls – hand ball, pushing, striking, kicking, holding, pushing, and tripping 
  • 2 Minute Player Advantage Penalty for Yellow Card offense – penalty shall end if goal is scored by team with player advantage.  Point system: 3 points for win, 1 point for tie, 0 points for loss
  • Tie breaker Criteria (if 2 teams are tied in total points): 1. head to head competition, 2. most goals scored (max. 5 per game), 3. least goals allowed, 4. penalty kicks 
  • Field dimensions: Wide: 17 yards Length: 23 yards
  • Four 4’X6’ Goals


  • No foul/abusive language by player/fans will be tolerated