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Welcome to Under 12 (U12) SMYO Soccer!

The 9, 10, & 11 year olds play 8v8 games and two 25-minute halves on an intermediate field.  The teams may practice at SMYO fields, Craik Elementary, or Bensville Park, once or twice weekly.  Games are typically at either at SMYO, Bensville Park or Pomonkey Annex (Bryan Road) and occasionally at another county park such as Laurel Springs in LaPlata or Pisgah Park.

Each player is required to wear shin guards and cleats to each practice and games.  Coaches will not permit a player on the field without proper equipment and uniforms for games.  Players must bring water or sport drinks to each practice and game. Teams consist of 10-12 players.

Each team has one head coach and at least one assistant coach and team parent.  If you are interested in coaching, please contact the SMYO Soccer Commissioners at .