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Welcome to Under 15 (U15) SMYO Soccer! 

The 12, 13, 14 year olds play 11v11 games and two 30-minute halves on a full-size field.  The teams practice at McDonough HS or Bensville Park.  Games are typically at either at Bensville Park or Pomonkey Annex.  However, depending on league sizes and special end-of-season play or field problems may result in games at Laurel Springs, White Plains, or Bryantown.
Our players are introduced to the full-size field and faster games.  They must wear shin guards and cleats to each practice and games.  Coaches will not permit players on the field without the proper equipment and uniforms for games.  Players must bring water or sport drinks to each practice and game.  Some practices may be longer than 1 hour and most are held twice per week.

Each team has a head coach and at least one assistant coach and a team parent.  These team rosters are large with as many as 18 players.  Players should bring a ball to practice. 

If you are interested in coaching, please contact the Soccer Commissioners at .