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SMYO Soccer Coaches

SMYO coaches are volunteers!   Most, but not all, are parents who volunteer to coach their child's soccer team.
Each season, SMYO provides classroom and field training.  In the classroom, the Soccer Commissioners brief safety, soccer rules, 
organization and program policies, and more.  Classroom is mandatory for all coaches.  One field training session is given
before each season for coaches only.  

The Soccer Commissioners have collected many tools to help coaches, from web sites to rule/guidance books.  The following items
will help our coaches have knowledge of the game and how to teach that to our youth. 


If you wish to be a head coach or assistant, you must attend training.  We recommend all new coaches attend the Sunday session.

U6 and U8 Meeting and Meet the Coach

Each season, we offer a dedicated meeting with all PW and U7 Coaches and Parents.

Training Information


Coaching PeeWee Behaviors and characteristics of 4 year olds, including fun drills and games.


U7/U8 Coaching

Coaching U7 Behavior and characteristics of 5-6 year olds.
U7 Drill 1 U7 Movement and Coordination
U7 Drill 2 U7 Movement and Coordination 2
U7 Drill 3 U7 Dribbling
U7 Drill 4 U7 Coordinating Movement


U9/U10 Coaching

Coaching U9 Behavior and characteristics of 7-8 year olds.
U9 Drill 1 U9 Dribbling
U9 Drill 2 U9 Passing
U9 Drill 3 U9 Receiving
U9 Drill 4 U9 Pairs Activities


U12 Coaching

Coaching U12 Behavior and characteristics of 9-11 year olds.
U12 Drill 1 U12 Tackling
U12 Drill 2 U12 Heading
U12 Drill 3 U12 Receiving Lofted Balls


U14/U15 Coaching

Coaching U14 Behavior and characteristics of 12-13 year olds.
U14 Drill 1 First Defender
U14 Drill 2 Flank Attack
U14 Drill 3 Possession Passing
U14 Drill 4 Vision


U18/U19 Coaching

Coaching U18 Behavior and characteristics of 14-17 year olds.
U18 Drill 1 Combine with Strikers
U18 Drill 2 Expansion and Contraction
U18 Drill 3 Flank Attack
U18 Drill 4 Vision


Soccer Team Names - Here's a list of over 100 team names to pick from.

Ball Control - What ball control techniques are, how to teach, and fun drills.  This is where you start!

Circle Drills - Fun & effective drills for all age groups.