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SMYO Goalkeeping Program

SMYO teams with Gretton Goalkeeping to provide training to our youth.  Each season we plan a program for players ages 7-17 years.
   Andy Gretton offers advanced and high school level training as well in a one-on-one format.

SMYO began this program in Spring 2011.  The goalkeepers have confidence and knowledge of how to stand, where to stand,
how to stop shots, diving and falling safely.


Gretton Goalkeeping offers  programs at various area facilities or outside if the weather is mild.  Coach Andy Gretton offers SMYO members
reduced rates.  All inquiries for dates, times, locations, costs, etc. must be made directly with Andy at

Beginner Program
This program is for the beginner level player that is interested in becoming a goalkeeper between the ages of 7-10 years old. The training focuses on learning the correct techniques in catching, diving, shot stopping, positioning, distribution, footwork and complementary skill sets. Proper safety techniques are also introduced to not prevent unnecessary injury. Fun shot stopping competitions are used to practice skills and techniques introduced in program. 
Intermediate Program
This program is for the intermediate level goalkeeper who has already been trained on a beginner level. Ideal age frame is 11-13 years old. The program focuses on taking the basic goalkeeper skills and transferring them into pressure training situations. Also executed is proper form and handling of restarts, breakaways, angles and alternative distribution. Intense shot stopping drills are used to evaluate each individuals progress and potential. 
Advanced Program
This program is for the advanced level keeper who has already been involved in intermediate level training for at least 2 full seasons. Ideal age is 13 and up but special exceptions can be given. The program is heavily based on intense pressure training based on game situations. While this program does cover all the A-Z techniques and skills sets of general goalkeeper training, it also focuses on communication, leadership, strength/agility, endurance and metal qualities needed to excel in the position. The goal of this program is to enhance the players skill set with the goal of excelling at the high school level and beyond.